Sacred Journeys to Sacred Sites 9th to 13th September 2015

West Penwith, Cornwall, UK

St Michael's Mount

Beloved Cornwall, once again
I walk your ancient paths.
Through green grassy banks
with chakra coloured flowers
of purple, mauve, blue & yellow,
held between sky & sea.
A timeless moment of NOW.

Rod Kerr, Sacred Journeys 2008

This year the Sacred Journeys to Sacred Sites workshop is being again held in West Penwith, Cornwall. West Penwith has probably the greatest concentration of sacred sites in the world. They draw us to them again and again.

These powerful sacred sites are set away from the normal tourist attractions, in quiet little valleys or along lonely stretches of coastline, in the middle of pasture or on top of a sacred hill; the sites have maintained their energy and power.

Most of the sites were built using the knowledge and experience of ancient man who knew how to use the power-points on the earth’s energy lines to raise their consciousness and also to cross to other realms and return with guidance. This wisdom was used to connect to the heart of the Great Mother, the ancestors, the Sky Beings and in opening hearts for greater connection in the community.

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in these powerful energies and vortexes in this magical land of ancient Cornwall; to experience the sites for healing the self and assisting Gaia to do what she needs to do at this time in her evolution. We will laugh, cry, sing, dance and pray, for as we come together, as we connect together, as we open our hearts together – miracles will happen.

Patricia and Eloha are deeply connected to the land, to the ancestors and to Gaia [the Greek name for Earth as a conscious being.] They work with great sensitivity for the earth; for participants and with the group energy for the benefit of all.

In these workshops Eloha and Patricia use their extensive knowledge and experience as channels and healers to create ritual, ceremony and meditations for these times of transformation and to enhance participants experience at these sites.

Some of the places we will visit are - St. Michael's Mount, a sacred place of pilgrimage for thousands of years, where four ley lines cross creating a very powerful vortex of energy which we will have exclusive use of; Boscawen-un Stone Circle with its unique central stone and its beautiful pure quartz stone where time seems to stand still. Sancreed Well, the continuous spring connects us to Earth Mother, soothing the soul and reviving the spirits. The sites are each truly unique in the world and can be visited many times as each experience is different and special.

You will leave the workshop feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to move forward in your life with more clarity and love, less fear and feeling that the earth is supporting you.

These workshops are very popular so please make sure to book early.

The workshop costs £580 based on two or more sharing a room)
This price includes full board, facilitation, entrance fees and transport to all sites.
A non refundable deposit of £100 secures your place.
(Full payment to be received by 20th August)

Contact Eloha on 0044 (0)7970 435 419 Email:

Contact Patricia Angove on 0044 (0)1326 376790 Email:






Boswedden House
Boswedden House

We will be staying at the wonderful Boswedden House, a beautiful house set in its own grounds less than a mile away from one of the most dramatic coastlines in the world. All rooms are ensuite and there is a chlorine free swimming pool available.

Our experience of Boswedden House is that the food is truly wonderful, and Thelma and Nigel take great care of everyone.