A week-long residential workshop to sacred sites in England with Patricia Angove and Eloha, that took place 9th to 16th October 2010

Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury - England

“These sites inspire consciousness shifts, psychic experiences, visions and revelations” - Hamish Miller


A deep memory is surfacing in the collective mind, echoing across countless centuries urging us to re-connect with Earth.

Avebury The 2010 Earth Connections week long residential workshop took place in Southern England in the some of the oldest and most powerful sites in the world.

These sites have been purposefully built on the Michael and Mary line. Serpentine energies spiral around the course of the line through Cornwall, England and then Russia and beyond, intersecting with other energy lines that are part of the great web of spirit paths woven over the face of the Earth.

Vanished civilisations, guided by a profound purpose and an understanding of the Earth as a living entity; have left us a map of these lines in the precise alignments of holy wells, stone circles, earthen mounds and many other sacred sites. Later churches, chapels and monasteries were built on some of these power places.

The Michael and Mary line seem to have a particular significance, with a remarkable continuity of sites that mark its path. They are male and female running parallel with each other and the places where they come together are particularly powerful.

We have spent past Earth Connections working on the Michael and Mary line in Cornwall and in 2010 Gaia called us to work at the great temples on the line - Glastonbury and Avebury; and at Stonehenge – connected by its own energy line.

On the morning of October 10th 2010 (10.10.10) we were given permission to hold a private ceremony within the great temple of Stonehenge, a major vortex of Earth energy. We were one of many gatherings all over the planet for this numerologicaly significant date. Ancient peoples revered Stonehenge as a sacred monument to the Sun – behind and within the physical Sun is the spiritual Sun or white light.

We visited Avebury. This megalithic site is the largest in Europe and was originally built in the shape of a great serpent. The Michael and Mary line meets here. There is much damage at this site but the energy and power remains. Avebury is a powerful temple to the Earth, Sun and Moon.

We also worked at Glastonbury ‘The Isle of Avalon’. The Mary line runs through the Chalice Well Gardens creating a beautiful, nurturing and deeply peaceful energy. We again were given permission to perform a private ceremony there. We visited the Abbey where legend has it as the burial place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Of course we could not leave out Glastonbury Tor, where the Michael and Mary line do a serpent dance which was walked by the ancients. The lines meet with a kiss and we met with them too.

We received the information from Gaia; the Earth Goddess; that it was time for us to work at these extraordinary places; connecting the ways of the ancient peoples and of our modern world to create our vision for humanity and the Earth.

The web of energy carried the light and love of our vision throughout our world.

Patricia and Eloha felt that our previous Earth Connection workshops have been steps culminating in this one -it was a new exciting and wonderful step for us.


We stayed at Mapleleaf Middlewick Holiday Cottages - a range of comfortable self-catering cottages sleeping from 2 to 6.

It’s a place of peace and tranquility in an area steeped in history, myth and legend, just a walk from Glastonbury Tor. Nestled in a sixteen acre blend of gardens, horse paddocks and a cider orchard, MapleLeaf Middlewick was a wonderful place to for the workshop, with the added bonus of a heated indoor heated swimming pool and steam room.

The cottages are in the shadow of the famed Glastonbury Tor as well as fifteen miles of unrivalled views of Cheddar Gorge and the Mendip Hills.




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