A week-long residential workshop to sacred sites that took place in South Africa with Pat Angove and Eloha, 8th-15th March 2008

Limpopo Province, South Africa

“The story of the mountain and its surroundings should be told in all its intriguing richness and given the possibility to contribute to a better future for humanity.”

President Thabo Mbeki, Soutpansberg, 20 August 2003

Southpansberg Mountains

In the far Limpopo Province of South Africa, bordering Zimbabwe, the magical Soutpansberg mountain range rises like an oasis from the surrounding bushveld. At the top of the mountain with breathtaking panoramic views, lies Lesheba Wilderness….

It was here where the 2008 EARTH CONNECTIONS took place…………

Africa is the cradle of humankind. In Africa our souls come home and our hearts beat to the call of the wild. Africa, where we go back to our roots, to heal the past, face the present and welcome the future.

It is very appropriate that we were called to Africa to participate in the first of a new series of Earth Connections. This Earth Connectionsl marked new beginnings. It was an opportunity to begin again in our lives; to take all that we had learned and experienced into a new level of awareness. Gaia (the consciousness of planet Earth), called us to take that next step in creating a better future for ourselves and for humanity. There is no other place on earth that can support such new beginnings than South Africa. South Africa has demonstrated to the world how it can support and evolve new beginnings – from apartheid to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee – what’s next?

Itinerary Details

Rhino face

Patricia and Eloha took the group on guided walks and drives through the magnificent reserve of Lesheba Wilderness which is shared by rhino, assorted buck, monkeys; and all manner of nature’s animals (nothing too dangerous). We visited gateways to the other realms, meeting place trees that were used by the ancient Venda people who have walked these lands for thousands of years. We also visited their past homes and their sacred sites and saw the carvings they have left behind and connected with the Spirits from ancient times.

Lesheba Village

Using ceremony, ritual, healing processes and nature itself, Pat and Elohal supported the participants to make their new beginnings and to make an even deeper connection to the Great Mother. (It is only in South Africa where I can really feel her heartbeat with my physical form, and it is also the place where she baptised me in her power and love – Pat)

It was time to go back to Mother in order to change the future!

Lesheba has good accommodation, hot water and wonderful food, set in the midst of nature in the African mountain world and we highly reccommend it! It felt as though we had returned to the Garden of Eden!


For more information about Lesheba Wilderness visit www.lesheba.co.za